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From seaside cafés and delicatessens, to Michelin Star restaurants; small coastal villages to central London, we supply quality products throughout the UK.
During the busy Summer period, we deal solely in wholesale orders. However, during the quieter months in Autumn and Winter, we'll happily supply to the public as well.
Situated on one of the most beautiful coastlines, arguably in the world, DASH Shellfish can be found in the heart of Pembrokeshire. Based between the two popular villages of Little and Broad Haven, this family established company has been brought up next to the sea.
At DASH Shellfish, we store, process, package and deliver our products all from the same location. Onshore tanks, right next to the processing unit, give us the ability to carefully monitor quality through all the stages in completing each order.
Great care is taken with our products, from the live crab and lobster in the tanks, to the vacuum packing of every dressed crab, so we know that you will be able to taste the difference.
The numerous awards that we have been fortunate enough to have won, show that all our hard work is being recognised and appreciated. So we hope that you will also give us a try, and enjoy the fabulous produce, that is made possible by Pembrokeshire's amazing coastlines.

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