The Pembrokeshire catch is key to our award winning products. We specialise in Brown Crab, Lobster and Spider crab. Supplying all live, cooked or processed to the buyers needs.
Our shellfish is caught on both the north and south shores of the Pembrokeshire coastline. Primarily fished out of St Brides Bay, we can ensure that the catch has traveled the minimum distance from the local fishermen's pots to our onshore tanks.
These tanks enable our products to be available all year round, regardless of the harsh weather that hits our coast.

The crabs are taken from the tanks, cooked and processed to order, ensuring the freshest produce. We also offer frozen products, and it's important to note that all are frozen on the day they are cooked, only hours after the crabs are taken from the tanks. This is key to trapping in the taste.
Lobsters we mainly sell live, but are quite happy to cook or process.
Live lobster sales are one of our most popular, as we offer next day delivery anywhere in the UK at very reasonable prices (please see Distribution page).

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